In the Land of the Painted Wolves

In early November 2019, I led six people on the most incredible Painted Wolf Safari in Hwange and Mana Pools with @African Bush Camps. It was at the height of Zimbabwe’s drought and water and food was scarce and the bush was at its most alive.

For nine days we witnessed incredible activity as the African bush threw everything at us – the incredible, the spectacular and the desperately devastating. From lion kills to elephant births and of course painted wolves – lots of painted wolves.I have written a blog on this incredible experience together with some of my pics which I will start publishing next week.

Join the safari day-by-day starting Monday 6th July –

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  1. lisag2010 says:

    I am excited about this blog as I was so worried about how you always made sure your guests got their shot,that you were never able to get your own. Obviously this blog will ease my worries. I remember that every day we counted our blessings that we were so fortunate to see the wonders of Africa, as a result of your efforts, and those of our guides. We pushed the envelope daily, barely making camp on the mandatory return time because we were all so excited to follow the action of the bush. And when we did get back exhausted and dust covered, the African Bush Camps greeted us with hot towels, warm smiles and food that was out of this world. I slept better in the luxury environment that this local company provided than ever at home. Looking forward to the series!


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